I’m a professional software architect with a focus on mobile applications, helping companies to digitalize their assets and enhance their services for a mobile first world. In the last decade I led requirements workshops, planned architectures and conducted code reviews. The customers are from diverse fields, from banking over smart home to automotive.
I like to use a wide range of technologies to choose the one that best fits a scenario. Backend programming was formerly done in ruby with ruby on rails. Nowadays using Azure with C#. Mobile applications are realized using Swift and Kotlin. Small script to automate workflows are best handled using ruby or shell scripts. Since 2018 I’m a team lead for a team of 16 developers at adesso mobile solutions GmbH.
Besides work it’s family first. If some time is left, I love to work on some hobby projects including some programming, some IoT and some tinkering. See Apps to get some impressions or visit my github page. Contact Christopher Gretzki