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SwiftAlyzer is progressing

In April I talked about my newest projekt, SwiftAlyzer, a tool to analyze the quality of software projects written in the Swift programming language. There’s now a clear milestone plan for the closed alpha and public beta releases. Right now, we’re heading for the alpha release and it looks pretty neat already. If you’re interested in joining the closed alpha programming, just drop me a line on Twitter pm or here:
In the last few days worked on these little loading animation. I’ll shortly write a little tutorial on how to create this image layer masking effect. Stay tuned ✌️

Smartified Garage Door

Making the best out of Corona-wise cancelled sports evenings, there was suddenly enough time to smartify my garade door. It already has connectors on the garage door hardware. That way, I could connect a button to the board that is used to open and close the garage. But what was missing is a way to control it remotely. Since the remote went missing it was nearby to integrate the button into my smart home setup: Homematic actuators and a raspberry pie transferring all traffic via MQTT.
As there’s already the possibility to control radio-relays via MQTT, the next move was to replace the connection from the button to board with a circuit integrating the relay HM-LC-Sw1-FM.
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Find out iOS SDK version from IPA

Recently I updated xcode on our CI server and additionally provide the option to use older xcode versions per project.
To verify that the option works I wanted to find out the iOS SDK version from the provided ipa.

Here we go:
Assuming the app is named APPNAME and the ipa my-app.ipa.

  1. rename my-app.ipa to
  2. unzip (Now we’ve got a folder named Payload)
  3. execute the following bash command:
    otool -l Payload/ | fgrep --after-context=3 LC_VERSION_MIN_IPHONEOS
  4. (Alternative)
    plutil -p Payload/ | grep DTSDKName

The output is something similar to:

cmdsize 16
version 7.0
sdk 8.4
cmdsize 16
version 7.0
sdk 8.4